The Museum Curator, a Romiian

"Welcome, Child, to the Romiian Historical Spacefaring Museum, though we are more commonly called the Romiian Shipyard. We welcome you to this complex with open arms. We service two universes: the LadderVerse and the NeoVerse. Both are serviced equally. Selecting them is quite simple as they are labeled in our menu off to the side. An OverSpace portal will take you to the appropriate section of the museum that you seek. We wish you a safe journey." The communication ended. You are still in shock that the Romiian had not spoken, using only his telepathic abilities to communicate.

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Note: Site is still under construction, but all links now work. The LadderVerse and NeoVerse areas are up, though some areas are bare. Please, if you ever played in either Universes, send them in!
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